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This shower had been leaking from the silicone seal around the shower tray and shower screen. This had caused damp patches on the plasterboard wall either side of the shower. The silicone seal around the tray had split due to the slight movement caused from someone standing in the shower.

The shower screen was removed and all the old silicone was taken off. The damp patches of plaster were cut out and replaced with new pieces of plasterboard then filled, sanded and repainted. The shower tray was resealed with anti mould silicone.The tray was weighted down whilst the silicone cured to ensure the seal would not split under the weight of someone standing in the shower.

The shower screen was secured, resealed and the door realigned. once the skirting board and trim had been reattached the shower looked as good as new.

A water leak in this front room had caused damage to the ceiling, coving and wall.

The section of ceiling was repatched and skimmed over. The coving was repaired and the whole wall was suitably prepared and replastered ready for a new coat of paint.

This patio decking was treated to a new coat of Cuprinol Decking Stain after first having the previous surface finish sanded and scraped off.

A chimney breast ready for having new wallpaper applied.

The end result of the feature fireplace newly wallpapered.

A newly repapered feature wall of this room just completed.

French postcard style wallpaper added to this bedroom feature wall.

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